About Parfumis

#1 Fragrance Manufacturer in Australia

"Over 30 years of fragrance experience"

With over 30 years experience, Parfumis has developed a deep understanding of the International fragrance market and built one of the most talented teams in Australia.

Our fragrances are a key component in many globally recognised consumer brands including fine fragrance, cosmetics, personal care products and many more.

Our Fragrance Director is a fifth generation perfumer from Grasse in France assisted by a Fragrance Evaluator who also worked with Givaudan in Paris. Our fragrance team combine their knowledge and experience with art and passion.


Parfumis has the knowledge, facilities and capabilities to meet any price and application needs that our customers require.

  • Modern machines, equipment and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Ingredients are large in number, which include some of today's newest molecules enabling us to call on a sophisticated palette.


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